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Automatic Control Experiment Box

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Automatic Control Experiment Box

The automatic control experiment box uses a semi-physical simulation to achieve an understanding of the principles of automatic control. The semi-physical simulation is to connect the mathematical model, the solid model and the actual equipment of the system to form a simulation system. When simulating this system, the physical intervention in the analog loop requires that the simulation be performed on-the-fly. The simulator must acquire dynamic input signals under the conditions of synchronization with the real system and generate dynamic output responses in real time. The experiment box is free to design a variety of circuits with various components, and the Matlab software platform can be used to simulate experimental phenomena and results in real time. The experimental box design is compact and suitable for large-volume placement in the laboratory to meet the experimental needs of the team.



Control Cycle

Adjustable (Max. 1ms)


±24V, ±12V, ±5V


3 channel 100KΩ multi-turn potentiometer

3 channel 500KΩ single-turn potentiometer

LED Indication

8 way LED indication

Toggle Switch

8 way on/off switch

Analog Quantity Input / Output

8 analog input, range: -10V ~ 10V,

4 analog output

Digital Quantity Input / Output

16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs

Axis Channel

4 way axis channel

Auxiliary Encoder

2 way quadruple incremental, max. frequency 8MHz


570 x 420 x 265 mm



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