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WQS-Cl-F-PXX Residual Chlorine Sensor

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WQS-Cl-F-PXX Residual Chlorine Sensor

WQS-F-Cxx series full-spectrum sensors adopt the measurement principle of UV-Vis absorption spectrum to monitor the "light pattern" information in the wavelength range of 200-800 nm online in real time, and realize multi-parameter measurement through AI algorithm, including: ozone, COD, TOC, DOC, BOD, TUR, TSS, Nitrate, Chroma, etc. The full spectrum of WQS-F-Cxx series adopts a configurable measuring optical path design, and the measuring optical path can be continuously set from 4mm-150mm. Automatic window cleaning is supported. It can be applied to a variety of water quality measurements, and supports in-situ installation and flow-through installation.

It is mainly used in real-time online monitoring of water quality in water plants, water pipe networks, secondary water supply, and online monitoring of surface water and groundwater quality.

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