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Ammonia Nitrogen Water Sensor

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Ammonia Nitrogen Water Sensor

  Ammonia nitrogen is a common pollutant found in industrial, agricultural, and domestic wastewater. Ammonium nitrogen depletes dissolved oxygen in water bodies and leads to eutrophication. Ammonium ions are measured using the ion-selective method, which consists of a working electrode, a reference electrode, an ion-selective membrane, and an electrolyte. Only the ammonium ions to be measured can pass through the ion-selective membrane and undergo a charge change, generating a potential at the working electrode that is proportional to the ion concentration and a constant potential at the reference electrode. The transmitter is based on the Nernst equation, which measures the potential difference between the working and reference electrodes and converts it to the ammonia nitrogen concentration based on the principle of potentiometric measurement, independent of coloration and turbidity.
  It is suitable for online and portable monitoring of municipal wastewater, domestic wastewater, agricultural wastewater, industrial wastewater, process control, nitrification treatment and aeration tanks, etc. It is suitable for integrated applications such as buoy monitoring, floating discharge monitoring and vessel monitoring.

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