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CNC Control System for Milling & Engraving Machine
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  GTC-CNC-2084A is the new high performance CNC control system specialized for engraving machine, milling machine and machining center for metal, glass and electronics, etc. The system includes Googoltech¡¯s well-developed embedded motion controller GUC-400-ESV-M01-L3 and a 12-inch high-resolution LCD screen monitor. It provides a one-stop solution to the customer, which is simple to use with an intuitive display, compact size, high reliability as well as cost effective. To be more flexible, the IO extension and network IO extension modules are designed for machine with plenty of input and output channels.
Major Advantages
  • - 'CPU+DSP+FPGA' all-in-one and high integration architecture.
  • - Focusing on contour accuracy and surface smoothness;
  • - Strong small segment processing capability;
  • - Fast processing speed with high efficiency
  • - Large file storage space, flexible and convenient data transmission;
  • - Large number of segments in look ahead (2000 segment), high efficiency and smooth motion control;
  • - Support the curve interpolation algorithm and trajectory optimization algorithms;
  • - Support tool library, CCD machine vision positioning high degree of automation tools.
Main Features
  • 1. Standard X86 Intel CPU and chipset architecture with high-performance DSP and FPGA co-processor as a motion control;
  • 2. Powerful G, M instruction build system, support MasterCam, UG, PowerMill and other CAD/CAM software generated NC file;
  • 3. Advanced servo loop control, following error is very small;
  • 4. Efficient technology and direct access to pre-2000 sections of the prospective track, achieving perfect high-speed machining of small section;
  • 5. Complete power failure protection, continue seamless processing from a breakpoint;
  • 6. User-defined system run-time, effectively ensuring the interests of equipment manufacturers;
  • 7. WinCE operating system, real-time, efficient, stable operation and virus proof;
  • 8. Three-dimensional graphics preview, user can switch back and forth, zoom-in, zoom-out and real-time display of processing path.
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