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Multi-Parameter Water Sensor

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Multi-Parameter Water Sensor

The multi-parameter water quality sensor adopts optical principle and integrates multiple parameters into one, which can measure turbidity, TOC, and COD. Users can choose specific parameters according to their needs. The turbidity sensor is equipped with automatic optical window cleaning function, which is maintenance-free for a long time for tap water application scenarios. In addition, with the DL-W-S meter head transmitter and WQS-Server (WQS cloud service), users can realize on-site and remote data viewing.


90° scattering +UV spectrometry


10 bar


150×82×175 mm



Power requirements

DC+12 V ~ +24 V

Cleaning method

Cleaning brush

Measurement period

10 seconds to 65535 seconds

Sample flow rate

200-500m L/min

Operating temperature

0 to 50 °C


RS485(Modbus RTU)



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