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Application Stories - GSN Series Motion Control Card
2020-08-31 mktadmin

GSN series motion control card is a network-type, modular plug-in card motion controller. The product is based on Googoltech's gLink-II bus and has a built-in high-performance motion control algorithm that can complete complex path planning and control. The application of GSN series motion control card in laser cutting, five-axis dispensing and gantry control highlights its high cost performance and high reliability.


A. Laser Precision Cutting

As glass and ceramics are widely used in intelligent products such as smartphones, tablet computers and wearable devices, their fragile characteristics have become a major challenge for laser cutting equipment. GSN series motion control card contains PSO algorithm and adaptive algorithm. Through the gLink-II bus, motion control, laser control, high-performance GSHD series servo drives and motors are fully interconnected, helping customers to perform processing on thin and brittle non-metallic materials such as glass and ceramics. The laser dot pitch is about 1um, and the contour error is within 5um.

PSO (Position Synchronized Output): The laser control signal is output at equal intervals along the two-dimensional trajectory direction, which is accurate and reliable, with the highest frequency of 4MHz.
Adaptive Algorithm: Draw a 3mm positive and negative circle, after using an adaptive algorithm, the machining contour accuracy is significantly improved.
Smooth Speed Planning: With speed forward, S-curve movement and other functions.
High-performance Drive: GSHD series servo drive with high-speed current loop, speed loop and position loop, the system has extremely high control accuracy and response speed.
Ring Network Interconnection: Googoltech's gLink-II bus interconnects motion control, laser control, servo drives and motors to achieve high-speed real-time control.

B. 5-Axis Dispensing Machine

Dispensing has become an indispensable link in the production and processing of smart phones, tablets and other wearable devices. For simple point, straight line, arc, ellipse, inner wall, outer wall and vertical surface dispensing, ordinary three-axis or four-axis dispensing machine can be competent. Googoltech's glink-II bus and GSN motion control card support linear, arc and spiral interpolation, which are widely used for precise dispensing of circular, irregular and curved products. When the workpiece or the dispensing head with variable and irregular dispense trajectory is tilted and rotated freely on the 3D surface, it can ensure uniform dispensing and uniform thickness of glue path.


Five-Axis RTCP Function: Various interpolation methods can realize arbitrary spatial motion trajectory.
PSO (Position Synchronized Output): Output control signals at equal intervals along the dispensing track direction to ensure the uniformity of glue application.
Forward-Looking Pretreatment Function: The dispensing speed is smooth and uniform to ensure the consistency of the thickness of the glue path and improve the glue corner accumulation.
High Precision and High Efficiency: The work piece can be clamped at one time to realize the dispensing operation of five surfaces, so as to improve the dispensing accuracy and efficiency.


C. Smarter Gantry Control

The gantry structure is widely used in high-end manufacturing equipment because of its large stroke, wide working area, high torque and high-power processing. The focus of gantry control is to control the synchronous movement of the two gantry axes. If there is a big difference in the movement between the two axes, it will cause damage to the mechanism. GSN series motion control card has a unique cross-decoupling algorithm, which ensures absolute synchronization in the operation of the gantry system and improves the control performance of the system. Multiple compensation algorithms make the system more stable when the gantry axis and orthogonal axis are running at the same time. Help customer equipment to achieve synchronization error accuracy within 1 wire, repeat positioning accuracy within 5um.

Gantry Control Algorithm: Ensure that the master and slave axes follow synchronously.
Compensation Algorithm: Two-dimensional plane error compensation and two-axis mechanical torque compensation, reduce structural deformation and system power consumption, and improve the life of the drive.
Cross Decoupling Algorithm: Improve the control performance of the system.
Effectively suppress low-frequency mechanical resonance.
Various Zero Return Methods: Achieve high precision zero return.
High Cost Performance: Can control multiple gantry systems at the same time.


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